I haven’t posted in quite a while, because of an awesome reason…

I have my own custom guitar now, but not enough, i built it myself.

My Guitar

And when i say, i did it myself includes everything. I cut the frets, the slots, i put them in the fretboard, i wound my own pickups, i drilled the holes for the sidedots and inlays, worked on the nut and so on.

It’s a mahogany body with a thick zebrawood top and a maple neck with ebony fingerboard and some zebrawood veneer on the (reversed) headstock. The pickups are wound quite moderate and the neck one has 12 single magnets, so that it sounds like a real single coil when split. The Wilkinson vibrato is floating, the tuners are Kluson locking.

Building a guitar is one of the most exciting experiences i had in my life so far. It’s almost magic, how big squares of wood transform to a musical instrument, it’s fantastic how much love you can put into every little detail and what mistakes you can make. 

All that took place at luthier Thomas Stratmanns workshop in Hannover. He is a experienced builder and had over 700 people built their guitar dreams in his Hannover workshop or (a few years ago) in Formentera. I do highly recommend this to everybody who is serious about guitars, because, even if you never built another guitar in your life, you learn so much about setting up the guitar, about electronics and what to look after when buying a factory guitar.


The Fireman is coming! (The budget Version...)

Awesome. They say it’ll be around 900 Euros, and i’m totally in.


I’ve seen them Live on tuesday – and i was stunned.

An amazing display of talent, while at the same time being incredibly cool and obviously the nicest man on earth, thats Paul Gilbert. Go see them, when they are in your city. Do it. Really! :)


Pink: Check
Floyd Rose: Check
Reversed Hockeystick Headstock: Check
Tilted Humbucker: Check
Being the signature Model for the Guy in Whitesnake: Check.

Powerstrat. For Sure! 


This thing screams the word Powerstrat louder than most other instruments. The purpose of the Alvarez Dana Scoop is pretty obvious and it was quite common in the late 80s, early 90s. But then came grunge and everybody wanted to play a Gibson Sonex or a Fender Bronco :)


Powerstrat-Week continues with the ESP Page Hamilton. He was really radical in taking away the stuff he did not need… and he put a whammy spring, where the neck pickup was. 


Just in case you’ve missed the link yesterday. That Video pretty much sums up everything about Paul Gilbert. That Doubleneck, those enormous Headphones, spiral cords, that german Bundeswehr-Overall, the fact, that he’s actually playing Van Halen…


I had to reach a certain age to appreciate the art of shredding. I discovered it while watching Paul Gilbert Videos on Youtube. He has such an awesome technique, but, different from other fast players, he has soul, balls and humor. He is a devoted teacher, too. One of his more famous students is for example Buckethead… and he speaks Japanese.

And Ibanez made him some quite cool singnature models.

First are the RG-based models with the painted f-holes. They came in various colours, with standard or reverse headstock, as a double neck and with fringes on body, headstock AND neck.



Nice idea: the höfner / ibanez lovechild… PGM 700

PGM 700

I always had a soft spot for the Ibanez Talman models. Obviously Paul too.


And then Paul fooled around with photoshop and a picture of an ibanez iceman. The outcome is awesome! The PGMFRM1 Fireman… and it comes with single coils!


I found all those pictures in the 


Recently i’ve seen a documentation about the recording of Hysteria. I was very hooked by this album in my teenage years and i am again now. And as the experienced guy i am today, with all the phases i went through, like grunge, country, folk, metal, electronic music and so on, i have to make a confession: as much as i’d love to say, that my guitar playing is influenced by Allan Holdsworth or Pat Metheny, it was actually Phil Collen, who had a major impact on me.

For me, the magic about about the Hysteria album is in the awesome arrangements. There is a decent verse, a bridge, that other bands would be glad to use as a refrain, a second part of that bridge and then a refrain, that is so full of hooklines, melodies and harmonies.

Oh, and btw.: pictured above is the first Phil Collen Signature Model by Jackson. Sorry, i couldn’t find a better picture…